Toronto's first resilience strategy

One of the happiest days as a City Councillor for me was to help announce Toronto’s first Resilience Strategy.
This is a very comprehensive and detailed plan to prepare the city for the climate challenges of the 21st century and to address the social and financial inequalities that are straining our social fabric.
Click here to check out the plan in full

With this strategy, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, Toronto will be joining the 100 Resilient Cities network that spans every continent on the planet.
The strategy is highlighted in three focus areas:

A: People and Neighbourhoods
B: Infrastructure
C: Leading a Resilient City


I worked closely with my colleague Councillor Pasternak to successfully pass a motion at City Council that will institutionalize the Resilience Strategy into day-to-day decision making at City Hall. This ensures that our long term planning will take into account the resilience strategy and its goals, so we can act and implement the changes we need to leave our kids a city that works in the future.