Celebrating Women4Climate Toronto Mentors

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This month, we will be recognizing the City of Toronto's 12 Women4Climate Toronto mentors, whose knowledge and experience have made them powerful change makers in their fields and helped to support the growth of their mentees.

Clare Ashbee.jpg
Clare Ashbee

Clare Ashbee from EllisDon Corporation, "continues to provide valuable advice and network connections to strengthen my project goals," says her mentee, Jessica Hui. Thank you, Clare! 

Jane Travers.jpg
Jane Travers

Jane Travers of Ontario Power Generation, "exemplifies enthusiasm for our time spent together and provides support by pointing me towards appropriate resources," says mentee, Anum Khan. Thank you, Jane! 

Sonja Persram.png
Sonja Persram

Sonja Persram, of Sustainable Alternatives Consulting Inc., is a “wonderful and generous mentor who constantly pushes me to go beyond my comfort zone of possibilities,” says mentee, Corals Zheng. Thank you, Sonja!

Joyce McLean.jpg
Joyce McLean

Joyce McLean is "knowledgeable, supportive, and inspiring. She has been an integral part of my project and her energy is contagious!” says mentee, Marie Sophie Angoh. Thank you, Joyce! 

Cara Clairman.jpg
Cara Chairman

Mentor, Cara Clairman of Plug'n Drive, “has helped me understand the leadership qualities that enable people to thrive in the non-profit world,” says mentee, Rachel Wang. Thank you, Cara!

Emma Rogers.jpg
Emma Rogers

Emma Rogers of RBC, is "a great leader, knowledgeable and empathetic. She holds a space for me to learn from her experience and she is always looking for ways to support me," says mentee, Erika Reyes Bolanos. Thank you, Emma!

Jessica Perritt.jpg
Jessica Perritt

Jessica Perritt of Nuclear Waste Management Organization, is “supportive, encouraging, a great listener and provider of constructive criticism. Jessica is everything a mentor should be and more: inspiring,” says mentee, Melanie Williams. Thank you, Jessica!

Joanna Osawe.jpg
Joanna Osawe

Joanna Osawe, of Women in Renewable Energy WiRE, "has provided me with great insight and clarity on moving forward with my project. With her expertise in the climate sector, she has been able to help me think globally on creating partnerships," says mentee, Anélia Victor. Thank you, Joanna!

Anjum Sultana.jpg
Anjum Sultana

Mentor, Anjum Sultana of YWCA Canada, "has uplifted me with her undying drive and love to change our world. She was able to help me empower myself, reminding me of the change I can create in the communities of Toronto," says mentee, Kristine Lorzano. Thank you, Anjum!

Christine Rhodes.jpg
Christine Rhodes

Mentor from Ernst & Young, Christine Rhodes's “insights on climate action in the context of corporate culture has catalyzed new opportunities for STIL Solutions” says mentee, Hillary Scanlon. Thank you, Christine!

Karen Smith.jpg
Karen Smith

Mentor from University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC), Karen Smith's "expertise in environmental science gave us tremendous help on the approach to our "League for a Green Future" program. She supports us generously with her encouragement & wisdom," says mentee, Jane Ji. Thank you, Karen!

Carmelina Macario.jpg
Carmelina Macario

Mentor, Carmelina Macario, from Ryse Solutions Inc. "has such positive energy! She’s always available to discuss new ideas, to offer her expertise, or simply to provide encouragement," says mentee, Ann Chen. Thank you, Carmelina!