Economic Relief for Residents – City of Toronto

Effective immediately, a 60-day grace period and waiver of late payment penalties is in effect for City of Toronto property tax, water and solid waste utility bill payments for all residents and businesses, for bills dated as of March 16.  There is no application and will be automatically applied to your property tax and utility bills at this time.

The City will be suspending all pending automated withdrawals that have been scheduled for all City residents and businesses within the next 60-day period but not yet withdrawn.  Residents will be advised in advance of any rescheduling of revised withdrawal due dates and amounts following the 60-day grace period.


Residents can still pay property tax or utility bill payments as originally scheduled and are encouraged to do so, if they are still able.  Payments can be made through your bank or financial institutions, using online banking services, telephone banking, or via ATM payments.


For more information regarding the City of Toronto's economic relief efforts, click here