Get Involved: Scarborough Rouge Park –

Dog Owners Association

I would like to thank those who have connected with my office about creating a dogs off-leash area (DOLA) in Scarborough – Rouge Park. DOLAs allow dogs to socialize and run free, while providing an area that supports proper-drainage, so parks can keep looking their best.


City staff have advised that the first step to building a DOLA is to bring together a small group of dog owners to formalize a Dog Owner Association. Associations are critical to the effective functioning of a DOLA by being the City's liaisons to the community. Our local Dog Owner Association would work with my office and City staff to explore DOLA areas and how one may be operated.


The role of a Dog Owner Association member includes:

  • Asking City staff questions on behalf of community members

  • Providing information to community members on behalf of Parks staff

  • Helping community members and staff improve the DOLA experience through advocacy to Parks staff

  • Fostering a positive, lively dog owner community, locally

If you are interested in learning more, please share your name, phone number and e-mail with my office by contacting