Spooky Homes of Ward 25

There was shock, there was fun and the right amount of fright, to keep the spirit alive on Halloween night!


Thank you to everyone who participated in Ward 25's Halloween Home Tours. It was wonderful to see the community spirit in those who decorated their homes and the residents who took part in the tour. Over 900 residents voted for their favourite spooky homes in Scarborough – Rouge Park. The results were:


1st Place – 286 Friendship Avenue – 27%

2nd Place – 228 Brenyon Way – 14%

3rd Place – 420 Rouge Highlands Drive – 10%

4th Place – 28 Paulander Avenue – 9%

5th Place – 73 Conference Boulevard – 7%

Others – 33%


A special thank you to local businesses, Marks Pizzas, Four Sweets Cookies, Scarlet Ibis and the Toronto Zoo for offering prizes to the top three homes in our neighbourhood!