Dear Neighbours,

The widening of Port Union Road should have been started several years ago.  The traffic on Port Union Road is getting heavier by the day.  I was elected on a platform to build the expansion of Port Union Road – as a member of our community, I understand the frustration from early mornings and rush-hour evenings spent on this 2km stretch of road.  I am pleased to share an update with you and am committed to keeping the Project Team accountable toward advancing this project for delivery in Spring 2022.

Since being elected in 2018, we have made significant progress in moving this project forward – this includes detailed design with modifications introduced to address property and community impacts.  To date, the following activities have been completed:

  • Pre-engineering: land survey and geotechnical investigations

  • Sub-surface Utility Investigation

  • Arborist report

  • Pre-design

  • Toronto Hydro relocation design and various utility relocation designs

My office is currently working with staff to complete detailed design.  This includes changes involving shifting the alignment of the road to the west, which eliminated the need for property acquisition, and implementing wider sidewalks and bike lanes along the entirety of the corridor, consistent with new design guidelines.  In addition, a landscaped median will be installed between Lawrence and Clappison Blvd. Port Union currently has two southbound lanes but only one northbound lane.


I am committed to keeping this project transparent and City staff accountable.  My office will be hosting an informational town-hall once detailed design is completed this year – I encourage you to keep in-touch via my newsletter for updates.  I look forward to building #ScarbTO and delivering this project for our neighbourhood.


Jennifer McKelvie