update on public transit

On April 9th, 2019, I was delighted that our City's Executive Committee voted 7-1 to back my goal to end any phasing of the Eglinton East LRT to Malvern Centre and to build the LRT in full. This was a huge win. History has shown us that whenever Scarborough transit projects are broken up into phased stages nothing gets built. We have more work to do to secure funding and get full Council support, but as promised, I will keep fighting. 

Ford Transit Plan: The province's transit plan outlines a 3-stop Scarborough subway and a transit line along Sheppard Ave. east to the planned McCowan subway station. We await further details on funding, timelines, construction plans, and more. The 3-stop subway is a welcome announcement and the transit line on Sheppard will complement the Eglinton East LRT and will help integrate the Scarborough transit loop planning has long called for. I am hopeful that these promises to Scarborough are delivered and that shovels will be in the ground soon.

TTC Capital Repair Backlog: We are finally discussing the massive need to reach a state of good repair for our transit system. TTC staff reports show a $33.5 billion capital budget backlog. This is the amount of money the system will need over the next 15 years to maintain service levels where they are now.

Map source: https://eglintoneastlrt.ca/about/