Budget 2019: Key Highlights

  • Property taxes up 3.58% - up $104 a year per homeowner

  • Expect $5-10 increases to annual garbage fees

  • Water rates are going up 3% - up $27 per homeowner

  • TTC fares are going up 10 cents to free up money for repairs

  • Recreational fees are going up 4%

  • The Feds have announced $45 million for the City for refugee costs

  • 70% of the capital budget will be dedicated to the Scarborough subway

  • Spending on design work for the Eglinton East LRT is approved

  • $785 million for new capital investments to the 10-year capital budget have been approved

  • $30 million will be spent on hiring new police officers

  • The TTC Wheel-Trans subsidy is going up 3%, over $20 million will be spent to fund the 2-hour transfer

  • $173 million in TCHC repairs

  • Spending on paramedics will be up 5.6%

  • Library funding will be going up 3% and 11 Youth Hubs will be funded